My game reveiws.

Hi, my name is Ari Hunt, I am 10 years old.I have gone to Oslo and London to talk at NDC security. I ran a code club to help kids understand code.My dad runs another website called HaveIBeenPwned. So these are some fun games i decided to do a review on!

Call of Duty ghosts.(COD)

Call of duty is one of my favourite COD games because of one thing: The campaign. It is a really interesting storyline about a war with ghost vs federation. I like it because it has lots of action and you get to drive differant vechiles like planes and tanks. I would definetalty recomend it to other people who like COD.

Call Of Duty black ops 4.

COD black ops 4 is my second favourite COD game.It has variaty of differant characters, each have differant abilities.Like some people have flame-throwers and other have grappeling hooks. It has tones of really cool maps and the gun skins are super cool.

Forza Horizon

Forza horizon is a great racing racing game with cool cars and great areas to explore.But it gets a bit boring after you have compeated in all the races. But there are many awesome cars like dune buggy's and formular 1's.


Fortnite is a battle royal game where you have to be the last person standing. It is fun and all, but you die so quickly to other players that are a lot better than you. And the only way to get V-bucks is to spend actually money. Other than that, it is a really fun game.


Overcooked is a two player cooking game where you have to work your way through differant levels that contain differant types of food. You have to cut fish and rice in a boiler and tones of other stuff.It is really fun to play with family and friends.

Apex Legends

Apex legends is a lot like fotnite, but it is a lot more realistic. It is also a battle royal game. You can choose between each legend who each have their own special abilitys. My personal favourite is wattson, with her electric traps.

Plants vs Zombies garden warfare 2

PvZ is a team deathmatch game where you are either on the plants team or the zombie team. I really like that you differant abilitys and you can unlock them by gaining enough coins to get a pack, and then when you open the pack, it will randomly choose which character you get!


I love playing minecraft because there are endless ways you can build your base! You can craft things and get advancements. I would defenitly recommend it to other people who love creating things.

Splatoon 2

The aim to splatoon is to cover the entire map in your paint. My favourite weapon is the paint roller because it is powerful and it covers the map in tones of paint! Occaisonally there are two teams and you can be on the team you want. Sometimes there will questions that wouold ask would you rather drive in a car or go on a plane.